Advanced Practices – Stillness

Starting at the end of July will 4 weeks focusing on stillness and the space we can find around our senses. Advanced Practices – Stillness
We will be reflecting on:
  • Defining Meditation and how contemplation can help – no longer distraction – now intimacy…
  • What is stillness and how do we get stuck cultivating it
  • Impermanence…
  • From I am to we are….
  • Where next?
Who is this course aimed at:
> Any one meditating and looking at exploring awareness/stillness/compassion
> Those looking at understanding how stillness practices can offer respite in times of confusion.
How will the course be set up:
> The course is 4 weeks long
> Each session is 1 hour (maybe a little longer)
> There will be a links to meditations for people to continue the focus at home. 

The course will be held by experienced teacher, Dan Ireland, Founder of Awareful. He has held courses on stillness and awareness for 6 years throughout Europe and is excited to bring it back home to the Gold Coast

When does it start:
Thursday 17th July – 7:30pm – 8:30pm (12 places available)



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